Used 4 Post Car Lifts For Sale

Used 4 Post Car Lifts For Sale

Used 4 post car lifts for sale come in many shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a commercial grade lift, there are a variety of options to choose from, from the popular Atlas(c) 414, to the BendPak DP4R and the Redline LXP – these are just a few of the available choices. You can even find a home grade model from Challenger Lifts, that can raise a vehicle up to 9,000 pounds!
Challenger Lifts CL4P9W 9,000 Lbs Four Post Wide Home Car Lift

If you are looking for a quality car lift for the home garage, Challenger Lifts has an array of models to choose from. They are ideal for the do-it-yourself enthusiast and commercial applications. Whether you want a four post lift, a tall post lift, or a wide post lift, Challenger Lifts has the ideal solution for your needs.

Challenger Lifts offers the CL4P9 series, designed for light duty general service applications. These 4-post lifts are able to support a 9,000 pound capacity. With a maximum lift height of 80″, this is perfect for everyday use.

The CL4P9 is available with an optional jack tray for quick tire work access. It also features 50″ aluminum ramps for bolt down or portable use. There are also options for a drip tray set to keep fluids away from vehicles.

Challenger 4-post garage lifts offer the maximum versatility for commercial or home storage. Built-in runway rails and rigid formed columns make them a suitable addition to any garage.
read this article from Mechanic Superstore (c) 414 Commercial Grade 4 Post Lift

If you are shopping for a lift that is both functional and decorative, the Atlas(r) 414A is a great choice. Not only is it built to commercial grade standards, it boasts the one-two punch of a single-post design and a two-post configuration that will take care of your front and rear wheels in a no-nonsense fashion.

Although the lift has a maximum capacity of 14,000 pounds, it can be configured to hold a wide range of wheelbases, making it ideal for a variety of vehicle types. The company also offers a range of warranty options, including a no-fuss lifetime maintenance program that guarantees your machine will perform as promised. With a price tag under $40,000, this is a great value proposition. For more information, contact the experts at Atlas(r) today! By comparing the pros and cons of a lift purchase, you will be able to make a smarter, more informed decision.

If you are looking for a new car lift, you may want to consider a BendPak 4 post lift. These lifts are designed with the best technology and materials to ensure maximum safety and performance. They also offer generous features and options.

For example, the BendPak HD-9 four-post lift is a 9,000-pound unit that requires no special foundation and can be used outside. It is built with the highest quality materials, advanced hydraulic systems, and a dual safety system. The lift is capable of accommodating any vehicle. You can use it to store vehicles such as jet skis, ATVs, and even boats.

Another advantage is the open center design, which offers full vehicle access without the usual obstruction from crossbeams. This makes it an ideal choice for automotive service shops, detailing shops, and quick-lube pits.

BendPak is a leading manufacturer of high quality vehicle lifts. Heavy Duty Car LIfts development is known for its durable construction, affordable price, and reliable product.
Parking Car lifts is still an important part of for sale come in a variety of configurations. Most allow vehicles to be driven onto two runways, but there are also several styles that allow vehicles to be lifted by tires instead. They are safe to use provided the owner follows the manufacturer’s instructions.

Redline carries a large selection of car lifts from the best brands in the industry. Their lifts range from a 7k to 60k capacity.

Redline’s lifts are made by quality manufacturers like BendPak, Titan, Kernel, and Triumph. These lifts are designed to be safe, easy to use, and provide maximum performance. The company’s lifts are designed to be used in a wide range of industries.

When shopping for an automotive lift, make sure you find one that fits your budget and needs. Look for a manufacturing company’s brochure or website to learn about the features of the product. Some important features include steel oil reservoirs, adjustable lock ladders, and velocity-fused hydraulic systems.

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