How To Maintain Your Weight By Having Sex

Did you know that more than half the population of the entire country of the USA is on some sort of a diet plan? This means all of them are controlling what they eat because they want to regulate their weight. Why don’t you introduce sex into the equation? A session of sex that last half an hour burns just as many calories as running for 15 minutes. Weighing a healthy amount is part and parcel of a happy and healthy life. Keeping your weight in check is the best thing you can do, no matter how old you are. Sex is indeed very beneficial to our health because it burns calories and it satisfies us to the very core. You are unlikely to burn the same amount of calories as an intense gym session in the sheets but sex is counted as cardio, and cardio does wonder for the body.

Men burned an average of 150 calories when they had sex, but this is relative as the length of the session, the intensity has been reported to be as much as a jogging session. The highest a person can burn in a sex session has been reported to be 500 calories. This person, in particular, used an Apple Watch and used the open workout feature to calculate the number of calories burned. When men and women were asked which was better, they replied saying sex was way better than running on the treadmill when it comes to losing calories.

One piece of advice that can be given is that, just because sex burns calories, that doesn’t mean you quit the gym. A gym session can burn more than 2000 calories if done properly, and it is essential for you to be fit. Sex just adds onto this as a plus point but can’t be used as an alternative to the gym. The love hormone also known as oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus of our brain and can be accredited with the key functions in sex, breastfeeding and relationship building. Oxytocin levels apparently shoot up, especially when we reach orgasm. A recent study states that people who have sex often in their lives ate fewer forms of fatty foods. This also adds to weight management.

Well then, now that you know the benefits of sex when related to burning calories, it is indeed likely that you may lose some weight. But don’t get excited; it’s probably water weight, what you have lost. Fat takes a whole lot longer to burn off. Make sure you incorporate sex in your daily schedule and make some time to make it all romantic; you will have insane loads of fun with your partner.

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